Pupaya is closing

Sadly my vegan webshop Pupaya did not survive the Corona crisis.
I really depended on conventions and markets to sell and promote this webshop, but due to corona there haven't been cons for months. Webshop visits and sales are very little now (yeah, I know it's because I suck at promoting my website, but I don't have the time to learn it, as I have my hands full on other things).

You see, this shop was meant to support the animals in my sanctuary: Pawpaya (www.pawpaya.nl), but it has now come to a point where I can no longer sustain the animals with the little sales of Pupaya. I will close this vegan shop soon and take up a regular job instead, so I can still support the animals who depend on me.

If you still want to get some of my products, now is the time to order. Because at the end of this month, this webshop will no longer exist. 

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Shopping with a clear conscience! Pupa is a small webshop that sells organic, fair and eco-friendly vegan merchandise, all designed and made with love by Pupa. All of the unique products are made in The Netherlands.

By purchasing, you help support the animals in Pupa's sanctuary.

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